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Facts About Workplace Bullying

Workplace bullying is one of the most common and yet serious problems in a company. It is often difficult to recognize when bullying is taking place, especially when it may be coming from a superior. Consistent unrealistic demands, or overly harsh criticism may be signs of workplace bullying. Subtle abuses of power should be held in check before they grow to become abuse.

There are many consequences of workplace bullying. Impacts on a company can include sick leave, absenteeism, turnover rates, lack of productivity, damaged morale, and the loss of employee loyalty and commitment. The effects of workplace bullying on the employee can include severe anxiety, disrupted sleep, concentration problems, accidents and other health problems including depression, overeating and increased substance abuse.

If you feel that you are being a victim of workplace bullying, then action should be taken to help you stop the effects. Like their schoolyard counterparts, bullies do not stop until someone stands up to them. Doing nothing makes it easy for a bully to continue. There is normally no stop to bullying until the victim quits their job, or takes steps to report the problem.

If you would like to report bullying at your workplace, then please complete this form.
If you need advice about any form of bullying at your workplace, then please complete this form.

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