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Wrongful Discharge

Wrongful discharge can be another form of employment discrimination. Depending on the legislation in your area, there may be something you can do about being unjustly terminated.

Depending on your area, there may be laws that have been written to protect you. If your termination was a direct result of discrimination of race, creed, ancestry, age, or any other grounds for discrimination, then you may have a legal recourse.

Please do not draw any conclusions about wrongful discharge on your own without properly researching the laws in your area as they pertain to your specific circumstances. If you believe that you were terminated unfairly, then our best advice to you is to contact someone with the experience to properly diagnose your concerns.

Anonymous Employee has a network of assistance that may be able to help you. Please contact us should you feel that your issues require a professional evaluation.

If you need advice about any form of unjust termination, then please complete this form.

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