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Help to Lower the Cost of Fraud in Your Company

Many people who are aware of corporate fraud feel uncomfortable coming forward and letting the appropriate authority know. As a result, the damage goes unmitigated. If you are aware of thefy or fraud at your company, you owe it to your employer to let them know. The cost of the fraud affects us all.

Corporate fraud is a widespread issue for most companies. The dollar value in goods and services that was stolen from America's workplaces in 2002 was $600 Billion dollars. A typical organization will lose up to 6% of its revenues to employee fraud.

You owe it to your company to report fraud. Two thirds of employees do not steal from their company. You are likely part of that majority. The value of their theft could be costing you your next raise. They are not just stealing from your comapny. As an fellow employee, they are stealing from you. The value of their theft gets passed on to the customer. As a result, your company has to charge more for its products, and that means you have fewer customers. Again, you are the one that ends up paying the price. Why should you suffer?

Employee theft can include stealing office supplies, merchandise, improperly booking hours, and many other forms of fraud. Take the time to help reduce the high cost of fraud.

If you would like to report fraud at your workplace, then please complete this form

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