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  This is the problem the employee is having:  
I am an independent eyewear rep. Selling eyewear is a competitive business. Not only do you compete with other company reps, but can even compete with your own reps. An acct recently said they were possibly going to lose their ability to keep some eyewear (there are some sales restrictions in order to continue having the line); this eyewear is represented by a fellow company rep. When I announced that I was representing a new line, they were interested and wanted to see the frames to possibly replace what they may lose. The other rep goes into the location afterwards and is upset that I would introduce them to a new line. I believe that it would be better that they change out to our company's collection vs. another company. However, the other rep feels that I was trying to push her completely out. She emailed me wanting an which I emailed her back. There was another incident in the same week where we exchanged emails. I am fearful for my job, even though I produce more profit for the company that she does. I have always felt like our manager likes her more than me. And I don't trust our manager because he has gossiped to me about other reps and has made some bad judgement calls in my opinion. I feel that there is an "older man/younger woman" scenario going on. When they are together, she very much plays to his ego. FYI-I'm older than my manager is.

My husband says to take the high road by not saying anything to anyone. I feel that she has probably emailed my responses to him. My husband feels that she will dig her own grave. I have been advised to alert this to my manager's boss, who I know likes me. I also feel that the "skeaky wheel, gets the grease". I am in fear of losing my job, and if so, in these economic times, the company would probably not hire someone else. And, she profits from getting my lines and territory, in which I have put in a lot of time and effort in developing. I would appreciate any advise that someone wants to give.  


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