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  This is the problem the employee is having:  
I work for a small police department where my supervisor's continually stirring discord among the dispatch staff is legendary. It would be too lengthy for me to get into specifics but suffice it to say that my supervisor makes [often poor] decisions that affect the department based solely on the opinion of others. Furthermore, he has the need to blame others for his inability to make tough decisions on his own and stand by them.

The dispatch staff is in the process of writing an agenda in order to meet with this supervisor as well as his direct supervisor in order to get some items out in the open. Our biggest collective fear, however, is that my supervisor has a vindictive streak a mile long. Once these issues (no matter how professionally they are laid out) come to light, he will stop at nothing to make our lives hell.

Another glitch is that the person who supervises my boss refuses to manage him.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions in addition to what my coworkers and I are already trying to do?

Thanks, all.  


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