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  This is the problem the employee is having:  
I'm 40, married with a family. I work in a small retail environment where my boss is the owner. He has over the top standards that I have kept up with for two years but am now on the edge of a breakdown over. I work 4 days a week, 10 hours each day. He will not let anyone work less than 10 hours as he insists that you do a 'full day'. This sort of suits me anyway as it's nice to get three days off.

HOWEVER, no one gets a break, no lunch break, no tea breaks, nothing. You are expected to eat while you work and you are NEVER allowed to sit down. Then you NEVER EVER finish on time. So my days are at the least 10.5 hours long and sometimes 11 hours long, UNPAID. No overtime. I'm late coming home, my family is so angry over it and when I get home I'm so tired. When you say anything he says that he does it and if you want to be thought of as worthwhile you show the same dedication as him. Well I have but it's breaking me. I have tried talking with him, explaining it's not only unreasonable but not really right re workplace laws but I get no where. In fact he just makes me feel like I'm somehow not being a 'good' employee. He says if I can't cope with the pace it's because of my outside interests. (I run and go to the gym and go hiking).

I'm on holidays now and everyone keeps telling me how good I look, how calm and happy I seem. HELP I'm going back on Tuesday and I don;t want to carry on with the stress anymore.  


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