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This is the original problem from an employee...
I was recently told that my company is making changes to the department, and that my job may be changing a bit. Not a problem...I'm fine with change. Then I was told that I would not be a candidate for this position, and that I will be laid off at the end of the year. I have never received anything lower than "exceeds expectations" on any performance evaluation. I was told that this "new" position would eventually have to replace my manager who may retire somewhere between 2 to 5 years. I was told that I am not a candidate because of my husband's job (he is a manager at another company), and the fact that we may need to relocate in the future. After giving this some thought (as I was obviously quite surprised), I went back to my boss and told him that I felt that this was unfair, and that this is discrimination on the basis of marital status. He originally disagreed...but later admitted that I was right and that it could be perceived as discrimination. As a result, he is allowing me to apply for my job. I am quite sure that his mind is already made up and that I will be laid off...and the fact that he is "allowing" me to apply for this position is just a technicality because I used the dreaded "D" word (discrimination). Can anyone tell me if I am this in fact discrimination? Also, I don't feel it is ethical to terminate a good employee just because I may not be a candidate for the managers position in the future. The ethical thing would be to hire a manager when the current one retires (2 to 5 years from now). Are there any laws about this? a side note...he wants me to train whatever new person they put into my job, because I'm so good at my job. Grrrrr!  
Employee: anonymous1
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