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Wrongful Termination and need some advice.


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This is the original problem from an employee...
My daughter worked at a restaurant in Smiths Falls Ontario for over two years. Over the course of the summer they hired a new male manager and two new male workers. Over the course of the summer my daughter came home and told me that the manager was talking to her about sex and describing to her what he liked to do in bed. For some reason he has taken a dislike to my daughter and allowed the young male employees to harass her at her job. On several occasions they pretended to be drive through orders over the head set and she would put it all through the till only to find out they were fake and would have to do voids on her cash. When she spoke to the manager on duty he told her she had a bad attitude.

The boys have been telling my daughter she looks like a man and making fun of her body while the manager is on duty. Last Sunday night it was so bad that she had to go to an area called the caboos to get away from their nonsense and to punch boxes because she was so hurt. Thursday night the store manager fired her for having a bad attitude and for supposedly making a making a racist comment about a new Muslim manager which would not be like her because she is very against racism. She feels very bullied and upset what does she do and how does she make a complaint.  
Employee: Bonny Wilkinson
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