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Males are shown special treatment over females
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This is the original problem from an employee...
I work for a state government and I really love my job and actually I work, however there are 3 male employees in my area and myself and one other female. The male employees are always late, take extended hours for lunch we have an hour some take 2+ hours after they come in late.

One in particular, hours are 8:30 - 5:00, he rarely is here at 8:30 usually 9:00-11:00, takes a couple of hours for lunch then leaves anywhere from 2:00 - 4:30. Last Friday, out of a 7.5 hour day he worked 3 hours and 82 minutes and this occurs quite frequently and every month that he accrues a couple of days he makes sure he takes them. I come in on time I never take breaks, I may go to lunch 1-2 times a month, I eat at my desk while I work and I leave on time or after, the other male is similar in actions and the 3rd one blantly sleeps at his desk for most of the day, then takes smoke breaks ever hour 15-30 minutes each but leaves close to on time usually 4:20, today a girl from the other side of the building came over to ask me a personal question about her mothers house and was sitting at my desk maybe 10 minutes and I get an e-mail saying that I am doing to much visiting on state time, he knows I do my work efficiently but others may not realize that and may think I am wasting time,

I had received an e-mail myself and the other female about 6 months ago similar to this one. I went in today and ask him about all of the things others do and he never reprimands them EVER, he held his hands over his ears when I started to tell him, and he is my boss. He is white, both females are white, the worst violator is black and the other two are white so I don't think its a race thing I think its a female thing what do you think and what do you recommend? I'm really tired of this.  
Employee: anonymous
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