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Favoritism and need some advice.


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This is the original problem from an employee...
I work for a large co and have been an employee there for over 8 yrs. There is so much favoritism:EX:supervisors taking agents outside with them to smoke: taking FMLA for reasons other than what it is for and their Sup knowing that but never get wrote up: calling certain agent sweetie: people all hired to do the same job but show up for work and stand around and talk for hours and never get written up.

These are just a few examples. I was recently given a 3rd and final warning by the project manager for something they have no proff for and never even got a discussion log or 1st and 2nd warning-but this manager can participate in a Superbowl pool on the production floor that is against COmpany policy and the agents that sign you up and collect and payout the money are never wrote up. Why ? Because the manager has her hand in it. My supervisor asked the manager on Friday if we could hear my side of the complaint and she said this would have to wait until Monday - will see what happens - my next step is HR. Before you accuse someone of doing something wrong you need to take your own inventory!! Rating out the manager will cause enemy's and that is what I have been trying to avoid - but who gets hurt in the end ?  
Employee: cymthia828
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