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This is the original problem from an employee...
I, along with another assistant manager have been suspended due to a stock variance, my colleague was suspended a day before me, i was called into my general managers for a "chat about business" he also had the company's admin assistant with him, he asked me questions about the stock shortage which the auditors have found.

he suspended me and told me that i should go back and see him at 10.00am Tuesday morning.

i have since received a letter confirming my suspension along with the following allegations.
1, failure to store stock securely
2,not following company procedure when dealing with stock.
3, not taking action to prevent further stock losses
4,falsifying stock records
5, falsifying transfer notes,
6, falsifying session stock sheets
7, not informing senior management of stock losses
8, removing stock from premises.

i have worked for this company for 5 years with a clean record and no question of my integrity, my colleague has been there 8 years with a clean record.

i have never completed a stock take for this area, or signed any of the paperwork relating to it, and i have not stolen the stock, my colleague has always done the stock take and never had any problems, this has been the procedure since i have worked for the company.

any suggestions?  
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