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Unsafe working environment in call centre
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This is the original problem from an employee...
I work in a call center with an ďopen conceptĒ layout. This means that instead of all of us having separate cubicles with walls to separate us, we all have our desks arranged side by side facing the windows and the walls so that we line the whole office. The supervisor has a big central station in the middle to watch over us all. Though all of the furniture, and carpet, etc, is new, they havenít set them up in a way that keeps the wires out of the way. For example, the wire from my keyboard to my hard drive is very long and droops down on the floor, making it easy to get your foot wrapped in it when you need to go from your desk to the printer, or the supervisor, or anywhere else. Since the supervisor is in the middle, he can see the problem, as a number of us have tripped, but has yet to say anything. Furthermore, since there are lots of us reps, we donít have our own cubicles, which means you can be at a different computer every day, so you canít just fix up your own station to make it safe. The cords are only one of the examples. There are lots of little things like that to trip us up, give us splinters, and other tiny things. I brought it up with a supervisor once, and he rolled his eyes and said that they canít do everything. We have to pay attention when we work. Does this seem unreasonable to anyone else?  
Employee: anonymous
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A visitor of this site offers this as a possible solution...
Yes, I have worked in a call center myself and sure know the hazards and challenges within. You guys are doing great but you need to take responsibility yourselves to fold the wires/cords (that is if it not against work ethics to tamper with work tools. Why wait for others to ensure your safety?

Since you don't use the same system everyday,I guess in 3 months you would have worked on all the systems.

On the bright side,you can start by folding the wires on any system you work on daily... and who knows, others may be encouraged to join you once you have an accident-free record.

And if you are not allowed to tamper with work tools, make use of the company suggestion box and get a helmet in the main time.

Contributor: visitor
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