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This is the original problem from an employee...
I am a programmer and spend long hours in my chair in front of my PC. With ergonomic training from a previous company, I have tried my best to set up my work station and work place to be ergonomically correct. What I didn't have control over is the chair offered for my cube.

For a couple months since starting, the chair was uncomfortable but tolerable, especially since I needed the job desperately to feed my family. But now discomfort has turned to pain. Not long after starting work in the morning the pain begins. I am not a doctor so I can't tell you exactly what in my back hurts but I believe it is muscle.

The pain gets worse through the day and continues hours after I leave work. The pain impedes even the simplest tasks and now is inhibiting my sleep.

I identified this issue to my manager and requested a back support. He advised he can't authorize an expense on a "personal item" and we needed to wait a week for his manager to return. Almost two weeks go by and again I inquire and get told we are waiting for a third manager to get into a better mood before making the request.

I pushed the issue with an email to the second level manager and got called in to be told this is not an employee safety issue. Arguing semantics wasn't going to get me anywhere but out the door so I didn't debate the point. I was told to get a doctor's note and they will get an ergo chair.

My questions: Should I read this as a lack of concern for employees or is my nagging back just making me grumpy? Second, do you think it's time to update the resume again?

Thanks for your replies...  
Employee: anonymous
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