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Can you help this person? They have a problem with
Poor Employee Morale and need some advice.


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This is the original problem from an employee...
This as been and on going problem but since that person has been supervisor she has been create lots of division within the staff. I feel that because I question a lot on the politics and procedures I'm seen as annoying employee. I'm also a union representative. The straw that broke the camel's back is that yesterday during a group meeting I was not feeling up to par ( I've been feeling the barget of my supervisor), thus I kept quiet and did not engage as I used to. When I was asked questions I answered but, according to the supervisor, I was detach and not participating. The supervisor was annoyed I guess. Dam if I do and Dam if I don't. She wrote a note to the director of the company saying that my attitudes, my non-verbal, my behavior during the meeting was not showing her I wanted to be a team player. She goes on on three occasion talking about my attitudes etc without saying a fact. I had mentioned at the beginning of the session that I had been busy with several things in my caseload. We have a code of conduct that say that if something is bothering you about someone else to talk to them. Instead she send a e-mail to the big boss also. Like I said this is one thing.

Another time myself and a college were attending a training out of town. The supervisor had said to my college that they would not pay for motel. Then I hear the day before my training that she had approved a motel for my college. She never gave me the same gift...

She discusses work stuff with other college on their way to work or on their way home. I often get information from others at the dinner table etc.

At time I have talk to her about certain issues that I was worried about and she often denies saying things. I don't trust her anymore.

She said having made several deal with other college regarding overtime etc. She had told one of them that she was making an agreement with them and she did not wanted to be stab in the back.

I feel that because I asked questions that I'm the target. She has her"dream team" at work that get whatever they want even taking more then an hour for eat their lunch.
Once she had confronted me in a hallway saying that I was not a team player because I did not gave her a paper she hd asked.At the end she was wrong because I had given it to my other supervisor.

She also told then office staff that she wants to eliminate the gossip at work. She mentioned that she will try to stop us (staff) to talk to each other behind close door. I work in a mental center and when my college need support i will close my door for confidentiality. Now , i;m afraid to say anything because she will complain about me again.
been working there for 8 years, had three supervisor before and did not encounter this kind of difficulty. It's bad enough for mmr to take a sick leave.  
Employee: anonymous
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