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Poor Employee Morale and need some advice.


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This is the original problem from an employee...
We are a nonprofit, with low salaries and a high work load. Approximately a dozen of us are case managers, who are assessed based on whether or not our clients call us back. Meaning, if 15% of our clients do not return our phone calls in a timely manner, then we cannot log them as being on time, and we get in trouble. The quality of our support is secondary (like, a far, trailing second), as is the client's satisfaction. The primary goal (used to determine our salary and our ability to keep our job) is the call being completed on time.

We cannot control whether or not our clients answer our calls or call us back. We have very, very little leverage. Dropping them as clients also hurts the employee's score/assessment.

As such, morale is very low. People are always stressed because our fate is in the hands of about 300 clients who don't know that our fate is in their hands.

I am not a manager, but I have taken an interest in employee morale, because our supervisor has not. I want to make my team more productive as well as happier. What can I do to help our team feel better, given the fact that I can't control what is making us all so unhappy?

(By the way, when I asked a manager what she thought could be done about our bind, all she could say was "that's a good question").

Employee: anonymous
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