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This is the original problem from an employee...
Hello- I would appreciate any advice or input. I have a communications’ background and work with a communications type of program. I am not a part of the company’s communication department, but I constantly have to work with this department for projects. Here is the problem. This department will not work with us in completing any of our projects; basically we are treated like a non-priority. We have tried implementing deadlines and talking to them in numerous meetings till we are blue in the face. Nothing has worked. All of our projects are neglected or constantly reassigned to different people resulting in starting from scratch over and over again. The upper management is aware of this problem, but will do nothing. We have tried to find ways of completing these projects without the communications’ department’s involvement but upper management always shoots us down. What should I do? I am very frustrated. I have been told that this “behavior” has been occurring long before I arrived.  
Employee: anonymous
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A visitor of this site offers this as a possible solution...
Have you and your department met with the upper management? Obviously your supervisors don't care whats going on. Let the upper managment know how frustrated you are. When you go into see management, have a list of solutions that may help your department complete an assignment. Let management see that your are able to come up with solutions to the problem and see if they will make some changes. They may be small changes at first so don't be disappointed. Work with it and continue providing solutions, and if nothing is done - I hate to say it move on to another company. I am sure there is a company that you would fit in to that would benefit both you and them. Good luck and don't let them push you around. Time is wasting and you can't be productive if that is happening.
Contributor: visitor
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