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Anonymous Employee provides you with a secure, private way to communicate with your employer to let them know what is on your mind. By starting an Anonymous Dislogue, you can have a conversation with your employer. There is no cost.

Anonymous Employee provides employees with the opportunity to express anonymous problems and concerns in the workplace. Employees can inform their employer through anonymous communication about the issues they face in the workplace.



By starting an Anonymous Dialogue you will be able to:
Know if your message was received
Get a response from your recipient
Log back in another day for updates
It is Free.
Your identity will be anonymous.

We do not ask you for identifying information prior to your concern being forwarded to your recipient.

This service is provided to you at no charge. As we may present our approach to your company in the future, please be as accurate as possible when describing your company address. If we cannot confirm your company exists, we likely will not forward your concern.

If your communication is inflamatory, derogatory against the general spirit of this site, it likely not be forwarded. Please be advised that we are under no obligation for forward your communication to your company.