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What if I am an employer and want to initiate an anonymous message to an employee?

Most of the issues we receive at Anonymous Employee are intended to be sent to a higher authority at your company. There are instances where you may wish to send an important message to a fellow worker, or to one of your subordinates. We fully support the idea of sending a message to anyone who will benefit from the communication.

The Anonymous Employee communication process can be used to help you solve any issues regardless of location, importance or relationship. If you have an issue with a spouse, coworker, employer, or even a family member, you can use our system to help.

Most of the time, a supervisor is in a position where they can speak freely to their subordinates. There are times however, where they may need to communicate "downstream". There may of course be times where you will need to communicate with your employees in a less than official matter. If you are aware of something that you need to communicate downlstream, then please consider using our services.

Please consider ahead of time if it is "appropriate" to send a message to someone. Please follow common sense guidelines. Our communication process is largely unmoderated. As a result, the responsibility to send a safe and professional anonymous message lies with the participants.

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