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Can Anonymous Employee assist me with Workers Compensation or Health and Safety issues?

As we are not experts in the fields of health and safety, or workers compensation, Anonymous Employee cannot directly assist you with those concerns at your workplace. What are we able to do? We are able to help you voice your concerns.

Through Anonymous Employee, you will be able to express your concerns to either your company or the respective authority. In most cases, we suggest that you consider letting your company know what the problem is as they may not be aware of it already.

For example, if you are aware of a health and safety issue at your workplace, you may wish to be sure your company is aware of the issue. If they are not fully aware of the issue, it will be difficult for them to solve the problem. The same may be said of a Workers Compensation issue.

Anonymous Employee is here to help you. We prefer the option of communication as the first method of resolving problems. If communication does not provide you with a satisfactory solution, then you may need to escalate your issue to a higher authority. Anonymous Employee is developing relationships with a number of organizations that can assist you.

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