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I work as a contractor, union member or telecommute, can I still use your site?

I work as a contractor, union member or telecommute, can I still use your site?Yes. Anonymous Employee is designed to allow for communication between any two parties. We do not exclude contractors or union members.

In fact, many of our frequent users are a union member. As a union member you have an option that non-union members do not have. If you feel that discussing problems with your union leader is the best option, we encourage you to do so. Also, if you feel that expressing yourself by staying anonymous is a good course of action, we suggest that you consider the usage of our anonymous forum.

We recommend that you do not begin to take legal action against your company without speaking with your union representative first. They will likely be able to offer you a wide range of options.

Also, if you telecommute or work as a contractor, you can still use our anonymous program. We do not limit who can use our service. We may not forward issues that contain vulgarity or personal names, we do allow anyone to use our anonymous system.

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