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What if My Company has an Open Door Policy?

An Open Door Policy implies that employees are able to approach management at any time for any issue, and that the issue will be listened to. Many companies offer, or claim to offer an open door policy. If your company does offer this policy, then you should hopefully have had some positive experience with it. Unfortunately, many times the open door policy does not adequately serve the needs of employees.

Many of the companies that use Anonymous Employee have an open door policy. One of the most common questions we receive from Human Resource Managers is "But I have an Open Door Policy, why don't the employees just use that:?" While it is difficult for us to answer that question, the answer normally involves one of the following three answers:

Firstly, your employees do not trust your open door policy. Many times, an employee feels that an open door policy is there only to flush out who has what problems, rather than to help solve the problems themselves. Secondly, your employees have likely already tried to use your open door policy. Often, employees feel that they are being ignored when they bring issues to their supervisors or human resource departments. If they have had these experiences, or have heard from others that this exists, then they may choose to use a truly third party solution such as Anonymous Employee. Thirdly, some people are just not comfortable discussing their problems in a face-to-face setting. They may prefer to use a written, or online solution instead.

Please consider the benefits of the Anonymous Employee solution as an additional method of communicating within your company.

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