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  This is the problem the employee is having:  
Its very confusing so bare with me please: firstly I work two jobs main one in a nursery with children then a evening job for hour cleaning. I had a misscarage and needed a opp, so I took a week off work in both jobs. After the opp I can medical note from doctor saying I was not fit to work at nursery as I had a mental break down. However as therapy I worked my hour cleaning job.I made a phone call to main boss asking to call in to explain to her what was happening, she asked if I wanted anyone in or just use two, I said just use two as im suffering panic attacks. I turned up and she took me into a private room and gave me a letter saying it was a official meeting, before I know it I had two bosses in room and I was being questioned. I did have a panic attack while in there.My boss took pleasure in telling me two other staff were 8 weeks pregnant.Then I was given a letter to ask permission for my medical records, I was unable to read letter and boss just told me what to write and sign. I was then shown to the door unable to speek to any off my work friends. The following week I got a letter in post from boss ssp1 that she never told me about and is for all the 6 weeks I have been ill. She rings the house and my mobile every week when I have explained to her I am in tears and going through doctors and counciling and hospital appointments but she still asks for updates. Can she do all this to me? And should she not have told me straight away I wasnt getting ssp instead of a letter in post? Can I have her for any of this? Please. How am I to get better if she is putting stress there?  


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