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I have worked for a small printing company for 18 years. Last year they told us times were so hard they had to make across-the-board pay cuts of 10%. A few months later they cut our pay another 10%. They said these were temporary cuts. They permanently laid off two individuals, one who had been there 30 years, the other at least 20 years. Overtime is paid for in 'comp time.' Employer contributions to our 401K plan were discontinued. Prior to these pay reductions, I, and many other employees had not received raises for at least 5 years. Now, our company suddenly has enough money to buy another struggling printing company. They are in the process of interviewing the other company's employees to determine which ones to bring on board. There has been no mention of giving us our money back, and I really don't think they ever will. I feel this is wrong and that my company needs to take care of its existing employees before hiring new ones. Needless to say, morale is at an all time low. How do I keep my anger and resentment in check until I find a new job?  


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