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This is the original problem from an employee...
I have worked on second shift for a well known company for about 9 years now. The people that I work with are some of the hardest working individuals that I have ever worked with. My first day on the job I could see that first shift employees were favored over second shift employees. At first this did not bother me but as time went by I became upset from the things that were going on.

We found out that management has a plan to take away our shift diff and give us a monthly flat rate for 40 hours. If they are do this the shift diff would not be figured in to the overtime which inturn we would lose money. If you were to compare the salary of 2 employees that did the same job but the 2nd shift employee was an outstanding worker they would still make the same wage. It seems that anymore company's are trying to do more with less people but not wanting pay them for the extra work that they have to do because the company either doesn't want to hire anyone or hire qualified people for the job. Can they make this change so that our shift diff is not figured into our overtime?  
Employee: anonymous
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A visitor of this site offers this as a possible solution...
I believe the shift differential is a legal requirement that they cannot change, unless by law. They may be in violation with state laws. Check with an attorney and also check your state laws regarding shift differential compensation that may include violation of excluding overtime pay in the shift differential.

As far as two workers receiving the same pay, even though one employee on one shift is doing more than the employee on another shift...that's something you can't change.

What you CAN do is to someday...have a talk with your immediate supervisor (the one who regulates your pay increases) and point out how valuable you have become because you're doing "this, this and that" compared to the job responsibilities of the daytime crew. Show how productive the department has become or find something that you can point to that has improved due to your handling of the situation.

You can politely ask: "What expectations can I reasonably hold for a raise in the near future for my contributions?"

If raises are being given, this may give your manager something to think and act upon, to your benefit. If raises are not being given (this is the norm currently), and you're doing the job of two people, welcome to the working world as it is now. That's becoming so commonplace now, I'm afraid. might be able to squeeze a small raise for yourself and this is at least something. Might pay for the gas to and from, huh?
Contributor: visitor
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