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Favoritism and need some advice.


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This is the original problem from an employee...
I am one of many permanent/time limited employees with my employer. We all have applied to many positions open in the company to become permanent without a time limit. One position interviewed me and another candidate from my office. This was the only job she applied for and she got the position. She does not have the education nor all qualifications the job description requested. Rumor has it that she and the manager who hired her were very very close. The girl has also stated how close they are/were. Also, some co-workers wanted to have a little something for me since my last day is approaching. The manager never responded. But, during a recent staff meeting she announced that the other lady would be leaving because she got the position. She then stated that she and the other manager (who hired the girl) talked and she told him that this girl would be back in a few months when coordinator positions became available, so he only had her for a little while. They joked, they laughed, etc..I walked out of the meeting because it was too painful to continue listening to. The next day, our manager sent an email stating there was refreshments in the break room for the other lady's departure/new position. The position I was placed to train for happens to be the same coordinator position the manager supposed to be hiring this lady for in a few months once it becomes available. I am fully capable of doing this position. I want be able to apply because external people can't apply for internal positions. And that is what I will be at that time. Because of my manager's actions/comments and the fact that this girl is very close with the other manager, I feel there was definitely favoritism. Do you agree or not and why?  
Employee: anonymous
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