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This is the original problem from an employee...
Recently, an employee favorite that gave his notice to leave for the fire academy was persuaded by management to stay by creating a new position that made him my direct supervisor, even though he has no supervisory experience. My history with this person is that we have never seen eye to eye regarding the work effort that is put forth by him or his close friend (female) in which they share the same office with me.

We are known as nursing station one and are supposed to work as a team. However I work all day, as they do only the necessary while playing or shopping online together. Now normally I pay no attention to them but recently I am being picked on by my supervisor as to why my work is not done in a certain way or why am I not able to get it all done. When I ask them for help they ignore me. My next step was to finally go to the administrator with the problem of the internet usage and how I was not receiving help from my team.

The same day my supervisor announced that there was to be no more cell phone and computer usage. That very next day they were online all day and every day for the last week. This morning when I got to work my supervisor left me a rude note about my work being incomplete so I took it to the administrator to show her the harassment and to report that the abuse of the computer was still continuing. She said she felt that the note was very rude and she will talk to my supervisor again.

After lunch when I returned to my desk I had another rude note about how next time if I have a problem I need to follow the chain of command and never go to the administrator again. Between lunch and the next note my supervisor told his friend to go to the administrator and give her her side of the story and I quote "go in there the coast is clear, she is cool now". I am not sure what my next step should be at this point.  
Employee: anonymous
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