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This is the original problem from an employee...
I have been at my job for quite sometime now. (I do not want to give any dates or approximities alot of us are in a very unfortunate and stressful situation.
This is my first time being on this site, and I was absolutely appalled by what I have been reading. Everything that is on the list of wrongful things pretty much sums up my work place, bullying (not physical) discrimination, lack of supervision, overly supervised, poor communication....and the list goes on.

We as employees and I am sure I speak on the behalf of almost everyone, are absolutely fed up with how we are treated. We as employees can no longer go and write a letter or put in a minor complaint cause it is held against us. Oh of course unless you are friends with the main supervisor, then you are all good. That brings me to favoritism : bullying, lying.....we have been picked up for far to long and as employees we are at our wits end, and no longer know what to do. It is bringing our morale down to an all new low, and probably never heard of in a work place, they make it feel as if we are in prison. We cannot go to the wash room without our every move being watched and written down. We cannot stand there like the supervisors and eat healthy fork food when we have the time, we cannot stand there and talk about our life (which is totally wrong) for half an hour at a time. And all this the supervisor is doing (at this time I do not want to mention names). But maybe just maybe someone on here could give me a bit of useful information as to go about and dealing with this.

I will not lose my job, but SHE will put my life through living hell. Did I mention this woman-person- thing likes to play head games? Likes to toy with everyone's mind to see how far she can take it before she gets caught (which hasn't happened yet). So please if anyone reads this and has some helpful non stressful information they can share, I (we) would greatly appreciate it.
So much......thank you  
Employee: tryintolive
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A visitor of this site offers this as a possible solution...
This one is rather confusing, maybe it is just me. If things are that uncomfortable, then go at least two levels above the person you have a problem with, and complain in numbers about that person. Do not go to her boss. Go at least two levels higher. Do it in a group. That should get you some action.
Contributor: visitor
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