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This is the original problem from an employee...
During the time leading up to before my employer fired me, they asked me to provide them with work/personal information, such as the password on my work computer and emergency contact number of someone I live with.

That employer already has my personal e-mail address and cell-phone, so this question seemed intrusive. When I started working there, they never asked me for emergency contact information for their records so I was hesitant since they asked for this without explaining why or what it was for, however I provided this information anyway.

Now I am wondering why did they ask for emergency contact information, when they knew they were already going to fire me? They basically sent me an e-mail asking me to e-mail them my work password, and emergency contact information of someone I live with, and then after e-mailing them this, I was instructed to come into their office (where I was fired).

Is it possible they are they scheming or up to something? What do they need this phone number for now? I would understand if they asked me as an ongoing employee, but they asked me right before they fired me, so it seems odd. This has been bothering me for a while, and my gut instinct tells me it's a red flag. What do you think?  
Employee: anonymous
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