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This is the original problem from an employee...
I work as a manager at a grocery store. There is a blizzard in my state/area today. I have to drive 30 miles to work. I called my boss and told him because of the blizzard (there are warnings from the transportation people to not go out unless it is an emergency) I couldn't come in. He said I had to. I started out and got stuck on the freeway. They closed the freeway and had to turn us around and sent us back the way we came. I called my boss and he said, "can't you find a way to get here?". I told him no, the troopers were turning us around and telling us to go home. The road was closed as were many others in that area. My boss still asked if there was a way I could get there? I can't believe his attitude. Can they make me come to work in such weather?  
Employee: blondi
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A visitor of this site offers this as a possible solution...
Simple and yet, the straight forward answer is no. Your boss may be able to exercise his power to mandatory you to report to work, but he could not make you to go. As you said, if nature has its way, then, the best and the smartest thing to do is to stay home. If you have been employed with the company with more than three years, you should have at least two weeks vacation. Therefore, you should be eligible to use some of the vacation time to cover for the missed days at work due to the blizzard. Now, if I were your boss, I would show some sensitivity over the matter since it's not your fault that the blizzard has its way today. To say that the bossman should show some leniency, I mean the boss should kick in creativity and take care those employees who are less able to come to work because of the blizzard, and maybe he could call in those who don't have to drive through a blizzard to cover for the employees who cannot come to work. Managers should not create an environment that is unsafe for his or her employees. He or She should bring in safety first and then duty because if duty comes first and the employee is killed because he was mandatory to work. Understand that this is a huge liability on the company.
Contributor: visitor
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A visitor of this site offers this as a possible solution...
IF your boss insists that you come to work in dangerous weather you can suggest that he come and pick you up at home and drive you back at the end of your shift. That would place all the danger on him. See if he would do that.
Contributor: visitor
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A visitor of this site offers this as a possible solution...
Coming to the office despite such condition is your choice actually. If you really cannot find another route or can't walk to the workplace, there is no choice but to take a leave and just explain the next day. Your boss obviously cannot live without your service. If despite providing detailed explanation, he still tries to pick a fight and threatens to terminate you, so be it. File a lawsuit after for termination due to unreasonable grounds or just look for another work. A boss like that is inconsiderate and does not deserve your loyalty.
Contributor: visitor
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