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What is Anonymous Employee?

What is Anonymous Employee? Anonymous Employee is a company that believes in one thing above all: communication solves problems. Any problem or issue in your job can be solved between you and your supervisors assuming that both parties are willing to work together to resolve the problem.

There are times when you may not feel comfortable presenting issues to your superiors. For example, if your company is committing serious acts against nature, such as dumping toxic waste, or releasing other contaminants, you may not feel comfortable taking a stand against your company. After all, your company is paying your salary which you need to survive. This type of situyation is not unheard of, and exists every day. Large acts of social unjustice hurt everybody. The company suffers, the employees suffer, innocent civlians suffer, and every person in between who does not take a stand against the unjustice shares the same burden of guilt.

We attempt to provide a solution to this problem. There are times when you need to speak up but just dont know where to turn to. We attempt to provide you with an "A to Z" range of options. For starters, we suggest that you simply "suggest your company" for the AE program. If you are comfortable with anonymous communication, we suggest that you "Send a Message" or "Start a Dialogue".

For situations that require true third party intervention, we suggest the assistance of a professional Workplace Mediator, or Employment Lawyer.

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